Custom Kids Muay Thai Shorts
BOXSENSE Custom Kids Muay Thai Shorts are manufactured by Muay Thai apparel professional under the b..
62.87 52.39 USD
Custom Muay Thai Shorts, Custom Kick Boxing Shorts
BOXSENSE Custom Muay Thai Shorts are manufactured by Muay Thai apparel professional under the brand ..
71.39 59.49 USD
Custom Boxing Trunks
Custom Boxing Trunks are manufactured by Thai Boxing apparel professionals. We have carefully c..
79.79 66.49 USD
Custom Kanong Muay Thai Batman Robe
Custom Kanong Batman Robe for Muay Thai fighters. - Everything (color, logo, name) can be customi..
119.39 99.49 USD
Custom Kanong Muay Thai Fight Robe
Custom Kanong Fight Robe for Muay Thai fighters. - Everything (color, logo, name) can be customiz..
119.39 99.49 USD

Custom Boxing and Muay Thai wear

We are well known for our custom Boxing and Muay Thai products from our famous Thai boxing shorts, Thai boxing apparel such as fight robe, boxing robes, cornerman jackets, hoodies and more. We provide high quality products from top quality materials from Thailand. They will be a perfect and special gift for your family and friends since we allow you to personalize the items by adding names or logos of your choice. If you are having questions about the design or our products and services, please feel free to contact our team. We can help you with the design until you are satisfied within before we start the manufacture process.

Check out more products:

Muay Thai Shorts – We offer only premium quality Muay Thai Shorts from our own factory in Thailand. Each shorts are made of grade A satin fabric that is used for making premium Muay Thai Shorts in Thailand, the Muay Thai’s origin country. Our Thai shorts are in Thai size, we recommend you select the product according to your waist circumference. Please let us know if you need size recommendation before buying.

Boxing Gloves – At, we supply good Muay Thai gloves for your training and fighting. Our gloves are available in all sizes from 8-16 oz for adults. They are made of affordable and high-quality PU leather because they are a lot easier to care and store after use than genuine leather boxing gloves.

Ring Wear – Check out our fighting clothes such as Muay Thai t-shirts, Thai boxing robes, cornerman jackets, walk in jackets, hoodies and more. They can be customized for your next boxing event or perfect gift for someone.

Boxing Gear – We offer Thai boxing equipment and gear such as boxing gloves, Muay Thai hand wraps, traditional Muay Thai ropes, and ankle supports.

Women – Check out our collection of Muay Thai products for women. More and more women are training Muay Thai these days. There are more boxing products that are appeal to ladies for you to choose. Or you can even design your own products.

Kids – Give your children the best training gear if they are interested in training Muay Thai. This will ensure you that your kids will get the most out of this art of fighting and sports with fun and without injuries. Check out our Muay Thai kids’ products such as kids boxing gloves, kids Muay Thai shorts and Muay Thai gear for children.

Bands - We have Wai Kru equipment such as Mongol and Prajeads used in Wai Kru ritual before each Muay Thai fight. Muay Thai is quite interesting and unique from other martial arts sports in the world. One if the reasons is because it is traditional and originated hundreds of years ago. Religion and beliefs of people were combined into one with the art of fighting.